Musical Essays

The Beethoven Myth: An Annotated Bibliography

Many years ago, Beethoven ceased being a man and became an icon—a legendary symbol of genius. This transformation began even when Beethoven was alive and is the product of the Westernized cultures with which Beethoven shared his music. Our reverence for this man goes beyond his works and extends well beyond his human qualities. Since his death, he has been called "the man who freed music," the man whose voice has been lent to the hopes of oppressed people all over the world.

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Introduction to the Introduction of Musical Rhetoric

Introduction The skill of rhetoric and the pursuit to achieve it has been one of the most coveted in all of recorded human history perhaps only secondary to the pursuit of love and happiness, or to find the meaning of life. From every powerful men who have conquered various corners of the earth to the witches who have seduced them, rhetoric has been at the core of their success. If it wasn’t for the idea and the study of rhetoric, the Socratic Dialogues or Homer’s Iliad may have no influence on us today, and the geo-political boundaries may look completely different.

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The Relevance of Philosophy for a Musician

This essay is the written corroboration of the self-transformative process regarding my views on abstract branches of Philosophy such as metaphysics and ontology. So far, I have ignorantly dismissed them as irrelevant. However, taking this course on Continental Philosophy has taught me that it is not as irrelevant as it initially seems. This essay, in its current form, reflects the status of my thought at the time of my writing. The essay acted as the whiteboard of my constantly evolving ideas about various issues in music, art, and aesthetics, and what you see are only the surviving remnants.

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