Here are some of the best apps for musicians that I’ve developed:


Have you ever seen a metronome that can accurately beat 800bpm over an entire week? Well, TempoMatch can.

This is the most accurate metronome on the entire App Store. Instead of using timers which are never guaranteed to be accurate, this metronome generates its sound frame-by-frame as if it was a pre-recorded track.

Because of this design, it’s also the most battery-efficient metronome, ever.


When you want to study the most subtle rubato of the masters or the most amazing accelerando, TempoGraph is your best friend. It will graph for you the exact tempo at every point in time as you tap.


Sometimes, I find words in orchestral scores and parts that I have never seen before. And occasionally, the internet and mentors are not aware, either! This is when AskAbbado can help you.

This app can teach you more than 220,000 words and phrases in 23 different languages. Of course, no dictionary can have every word, but we’re working very hard every day to improve this app.


This app is currently in development!

It is near completion, but its autocorrelation and FFT-based pitch detection engine needs to be further refined until it can be called the most accurate tuner on the App Store.

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